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IGN <> SugmaDlck (With an L)
b]Discord name <> FragaZ#4813[/b]


() Age ()

I am currently 15, my date of birth is January 4th, 2003.

() Country / Timezone ()

My timezone is UTC +02:00 and I currently live in Israel


() Why do you want to be a member of the staff team?: ()

I'd like to be apart of the staff team because I enjoy doing things like this, I like helping and find it as a hobby. In real life and in games. I am also a big fan of Negus and It'll really make me work better knowing that bossman is working with me. As I said before, I genuinely enjoy helping and being able to do it not as a "chore" but as something I chose to do.

Another reason why I'd like to be apart of the staff team is because I haven't been a part of something like this in a while, I came back to Minecraft because of this server and I miss doing these type of stuff, being able to be apart of a community while also having a respected role and being able to teach new players and introduce them to the server.

() Why should we hire you instead of others?: ()

I believe I should get hired instead of others because of my experience and my overall maturity. I find myself to be a chill person, I do not get mad easily at all and I do not take anything to the heart. I can handle stress and hate without getting annoyed. I get my work done quickly and do what I am supposed to without getting off task. I learn from my past experiences and my mistakes
I also find myself to be very active and I believe that I already established plenty of good relationships with players.
I find myself to be mature when needed but I also have an immature "funny" side. I am also a fast learner and I believe that if I dedicated enough time into this, I could be a useful asset to the team.

() Warns?: ()


() What experience do you have?: ()

I've been playing Minecraft since 2011, I've been staff on many servers, but I quit playing a few months ago and I just came back because of this server. The servers I was staff on are all mostly shut down or just dead servers.

I believe 7 years of playing (I used to have no life) and understanding the game mechanics while also helping different server communities Is decent experience. Since I started "staffing" at a young age, I matured quickly and was considered mature at a young age

Short story about a server I used to work on

I used to be a staff member on a server called CurseMC, it was owned by this youtuber who goes by the name of 'SammiePlays'. This server was great, it averaged 100-150 players daily, until the owners channel started dying. At that point, we were trying our hardest to get the server back to 100+ players but we were really struggling. Unfortunately, the server was really starting to die and at peak times we only averaged around 40 players (This was all in the course of 1-3 years) At one point Sammie (The owner) just didn't get enough money to run the server so he decided to shut the server down for good.

The reason I have written this "story" is because I spent 3 and a half years on that server, it shutting down was the reason I stopped playing Minecraft because I had nothing to do at that point. I was insanely loyal towards that server and not once did I think of leaving it. Obviously, though, these 3.5 years weren't perfect, I had my ups and downs. I went from Helper to Admin and from Admin back down to Mod and then worked my ass off to get promoted back to Admin, and I ended up being Sr.Admin until the server shut down. This was a very memorable moment in my life because I connected with the staff team on a whole other level, even when the server shut down, we all still talked and played other games. Sadly though after about a year of the server not being up, I have lost that connection with them and we do not talk anymore.
I learned a lot in the years I have worked on that server, loyalty most of all.

() Are you active on the discord?: ()

I have only recently joined the discord, I expect myself to be as active as possible!


Additional Comments: I was given permission by Fuzzy to copy and paste my application.
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wow, you're very active on the forums from what I can see.
best of luck :d
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